The RipTweezerTM is a patented, innovative, sewing tool designed to improve productivity and reduce frustration caused by ordinary seam rippers. 


TO USE:   

Please use on a test scrap of fabric to become familiar with the tool before using on your good fabric

STEP 1:  Hold the RipTweezerTM tool in your hand with the tweezer end resting over topside of hand on the webbing between your pointer finger and your thumb, (similar to holding a pencil) slide the point of the seam ripper under the stitch and continue to slide until the thread comes into contact with the U-shaped cutting edge right below the little red safety cap/ball.  Repeat this step every few stitches until you reach the end of your seam you want removed.

STEP 2:  Slowly turn the tool over (Similar to using a pencil’s eraser), with the pointed end now resting over topside of hand over the webbed area between your pointer finger and your thumb, and tweeze the thread remnants.  It is actually a little more precise than trying to use your fingers to grab those little snippets of thread, and especially useful on quilted projects where thread is buried in batting!

TIP:  Do not force the tool under large knots of thread, as it is designed to only cut one or two threads at a time.  If you are experiencing resistance removing thread, use the seam ripper end to cut even more threads closer to spot where you are trying to remove the thread from.  If you have a really dense thread problem, it may be necessary to turn your fabric over and also work from the other side.

Caution: Sharp! Not intended for children. Not intended for hair removal, nor intended as a household or mechanical tool.  The RipTweezerTM contains  Stainless Steel, therefore, do not expose to electricity, which could cause shock, serious harm or possibly even death.  Riptweezer TM assumes no express liability or responsibility for loss or damages resulting from improper use of tool, or unforeseen conditions.

Polyolefin Shrink Tubing (USA) UL & CSA certified,  Seam ripper tip, (China) weldment and stainless steel (Pakistan)  Assembly and printing (USA).

Privacy Statement:  RipTweezerTM does not collect, disseminate, or harvest your personal information. We do however comply with state and federal regulations and policies regarding requirements that our merchant account may require in order to process your transaction.  We do not maintain a database storing your credit card information or any other information related to your identity.  We do not endorse or discriminate based on gender, nationality, religion, etc. However, if you do not meet the criteria set out by our shopping cart provider to make a purchase, we do apologize but that is the way it is established by the shopping cart provider and we hope you can return to our site when you are able to fulfill their requirement.  We are constructing a new website which will have a broader based consumer purchasing platform. Thank you.

We have strived to provide complete and full information as known to us at the time of this writing regarding the use of the RipTweezerTM.  If you feel there has been an omission, please, contact us so we can update our website!

RipTweezer TM

US Patent No. 7,958,583 B1 and US Design Patent 615290 S



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